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Beautiful Tanignak Lake, Woody Island, Alaska (the source of this site’s name)

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         Tanignak.com is the web home of the Wilson McKinley Jesus Rock band, the Stone Table String Band, and web articles and photo essays by Timothy Smith. Here you’ll find articles on Kodiak Island, Alaska history, including the stories of Camp Woody’s first 50 years, the voyages of the Mission Boat Evangel, tales of the Alaskan village of Ouzinkie from the 1950s through the mid-1970s, California-based stories of Vietnamese refugees in America (see “Online Articles” link above), and much more.

What’s New?

Tanignak.com has been online since 1999! Among the most recent changes: the “How to Get to Kodiak” link above takes you to new or updated tales of transportation on Grumman amphibians, Lockheed Constellations, the Alaska Steamship Company, and much more. Just use the photos on the new index page as your links to the articles. Follow the link buttons in the above grid to your area of interest.

Please check out the music products, including the sound sample pages for the Wilson McKinley and the Stone Table String Band. There are two NEW music CDs (with sound samples and info pages) and a newly-remastered edition of our great Christmas CD to check out at the new CD Music Page. This site features secure PayPal links.


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I am the owner, creator, and webmaster  of the tanignak.com web site, and am responsible for its content. Tanignak.com is © 2012 Tanignak Productions. Additions, corrections, comments and suggestions are welcome. My email is Tanignak@aol.com  –Timothy Smith


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