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Left to Right: Timothy Smith, Deborah, Nathan, Kirstin (2004)

I am a high school English teacher who lives in Fontana, California and works at Montclair High School. I have been married to the beautiful Deborah Sullens Smith since 1977. We have two great kids, Kirstin, 22, and Nate, 19. I got my degree at Azusa Pacific University (1973 - 1976).

Timmy Smith in the doorway of our tarpaper shack home in Larsen Bay, Alaska, January, 1955

I was born in Kodiak, Alaska, and grew up in Larsen Bay and Ouzinkie. My parents ran the Baptist mission boat Evangel from 1950 to 1965, and later (as their own boat) from 1973 to 1978. They worked with the summer camp program at Camp Woody for the first 20 years of its existence. Most of these web articles come from my participation in those experiences.

Tim Smith (right) with brother Kelly outside the Chapel in Ouzinkie Alaska, 1964

I am the owner of Tanignak Productions and its web site, tanignak.com, and produced the Wilson McKinley's official CD release (available at this site). I also produced, engineered and performed on the first CD of my folk group, the Stone Table String Band (also available at this site). Your support is appreciated. This site brings together my interests in Alaska history, photography and music, and I hope you find something of interest here. Please feel free to E-mail me anytime with comments, corrections or suggestions. (Write to: Tanignak@aol.com)

Timothy Smith with a camera and a Grumman Goose, Catalina Island, California, May 2004

See also my musician bio page for more information.

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