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Camp Woody in the words of the staff of 2006


In the article called “Camp Woody Today”, I shared my experiences as a part-time staff member.  This article draws from a PowerPoint presentation I made for Pomona First Baptist Church. It features quotes from many of the staff from 2006, who answered my question: “What does Camp Woody mean to you?”  Interspersed are some of the great photos that came out of the 06 season, and a few of my own observations.  If you want to know what Camp Woody is like now, or why its ministry has thrived for fifty years, these voices ought to get you up to speed. (A few of these photos appeared in the “Camp Woody Today” article also, which features an article I wrote about serving there, and many more great photos.) 


From Nick Popp, co-director (with Cheryl Demus) in 2006:



From Bernadette Gomez, a Southern California resident who was introduced to the idea of being a counselor only a couple of weeks before camp started:



From Nate Smith, third-generation Smith to serve at Camp Woody (shown below in the Kodiak Pizza Hut with his grandmother Joyce, one of the founders of Camp Woody, shortly before her death):



Nate (left) with Jake and Taylor (Bernadette visible in the background) are all from Southern California.




Adrien Lavoie is a Canadian who found Camp Woody by accident while searching the web for another organization with a similar name.  She contacted the camp board, and up she came! She shared:



Ryan Boudreau is a teacher from Kodiak, who served as a counselor.  He ran into some barbed wire the week before camp started, but was able to return and be on staff.  He wrote:



Lisa Keith also came to us from Kodiak, and served as counselor for the last two camps.  She wrote:



My comments (including a bit of Smith family and Camp Woody history):


This photo was taken in 1977 in the Boys’ Dorm (now the chapel and rec hall)

(Ours is the only Woody wedding so far…who’s next?)


Left: Rev. Norman Smith in 1976.  Right: Kelly, Tim and Joyce Smith, 2005


Me, the old guy on the right, holding a couple of people’s cameras. 

The “Camp Woody Today” article features the photo I took, and all the staff names.




Mom’s last message: “Whatever God chooses to do cannot fail!”

The funny look on my face is because I was having a hard time to keep from crying. 




And from the staff members who didn’t provide me with quotes:





Closing comments from Cheryl Demus, co-director in 2006:



(Jake’s fabulous photo)


(Thanks for letting all of us share with you!)

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