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(Articles On Transportation To and Around Kodiak Island 1940s to 1970s)


An old postcard of the Erskine and Standard Oil dock at Kodiak, where the steamships would tie up during the 1930s and 1940s.  The Ferry dock stands there now. (Photo colorized by the author)


The SS Mount McKinley comes into port in this photo postcard from the late 1930s, colorized by the author.  Steamships such as the SS McKinley of the Alaska Steamship Company ran passenger service to Kodiak until 1954.


Articles on the Alaska Steamship Company and Military Transportation:


How to Get to Kodiak: The Grand Old Steamships (A short history of the Alaska Steamship Company in the 1940s)


How to Get to Kodiak Part Two:  The Military Transports of the 40s and 50s


How to Get to Ouzinkie: The SS Cordova Connection


A Pacific Northern Airlines Lockheed Constellation sits on the rainy tarmac at Seattle Tacoma Airport, preparing to head north (photographer and date unknown). PNA served Kodiak until it merged with Western Airlines in 1967.  PNA still flew “Connies” into Alaska until the mid-60s.


A PNA “Connie” with its distinctive tail unloads at Kodiak Navy Airport (which was designated NHB, which supposedly stood for “Nice Hungry Bears!”) around 1956


Article on the PNA “Connie” in service to Kodiak:

Pacific Northern Airlines and the Lockheed Constellation



Kodiak Airways Grumman Goose N1583V at high tide in Ouzinkie, 1968.  When the tide was too high in the village, the Goose had to be met by a skiff, because there wasn’t room enough on the beach to put down wheels and turn around. Grumman amphibians can still sometimes be seen in the Kodiak area.


Goose number N69263 taxis up to the ramp near the Kodiak boat harbor in the summer of 1975. (Cody Custer photo)


Article on the Grumman Goose and Kodiak Airways:

Goose Stories (Kodiak Airways and the Grumman Goose)

A Republic SeaBee amphibian leaves the beach at Ouzinkie in the late 1940s. (From Miss Rold’s scrapbook, Baker Cottage Baptist Mission, Ouzinkie).

Super Widgeon N91040 in a Kodiak Airways publicity postcard photo.

Article on the Grumman Widgeon and other Amphibians:

More Amphibian Adventures (The Grumman Widgeon, Republic SeaBee and other amphibians around Kodiak)

The unusually handsome Wakefield Fisheries cannery at Port Lions, which I photographed once I finally got there!

A Cautionary Tale: How Not to Visit Port Lions! (Don't try to get there the way we did!) A true story of a misadventure in 1971.

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