Island Journey with the Evangel: Preface

Evan Jones in his kitchen, Kodiak, 1996

Preface to Timothy Smith's Evangel adventures, by the late Evan Jones, Director of the Kodiak Baptist Mission:

Tim stood and looked at the remains of the once proud little vessel that his father had captained and his mother had made home in the years they sailed the waters around Alaska's Kodiak Island. Through the ministry of the Evangel, the message of the Gospel was brought to the little villages and even the canneries where people gathered.

A flood of memories called out to him. These are memories, Tim's memories-not a history, but memories. A history can be written very accurately with names and places and dates all letter-perfect and then promptly placed on a shelf where it will affect no one. Not so with memories... Memories are the distilled dew of history. They go with us across miles and time. They shape us-who we are, what we have been and even our destinies. Tim has shared with us not a history, but a memory.

Evan Jones, August 2003

Kelly Smith (far right) and his sons surveying the remains of the Evangel, October 1996

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