Island Journey with the Evangel 12

Two Decades of Evangel Visits to Long Island (Alaska)


The Evangel Visits Long Island in the 1950s, 60s and 1970s


This colorized map of Long Island (also found on the Woody and Long Island Index page) was created from a photo of Marianne Boko’s Camp Woody wall maps.  The red letters indicate the general locations and types of some of the World War II military installations.  The info comes from the Kodiak Military History Museum site.  Long Island was then known as Fort Tidball, a part of the Army’s installation at Kodiak called Fort Greely.  Most of the facilities on the island were not completed until 1943, about the time the Aleutian Islands of Attu and Kiska were taken back from the Japanese.  The base was put in caretaker status in 1944 as the action of World War II left Alaska and the military focus shifted closer and closer to Japan. Use this map to locate the approximate locations of the features described in the text and photos.


The early years: the Evangel takes a group of campers on a day trip to Long Island in the summer of 1959.  By that time, the dock had been partly dismantled to discourage its use, since its pilings and planking were old and in disrepair.  Mab Boko photo.