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Mike laying down some new tracks, June 2000

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My name is Mike Messer, and I used to play guitar for a band called Wilson McKinley. We were just another rock and roll group back in the late 60s, with a good reputation as a concert and dance band. We had released our own single and were gaining attention from several record companies.

We were not all that happy, and I had a yearning to play for Christís Kingdom, so in June of 1970 three of the four of us surrendered our lives to Jesus. We went full time in His service. The rest is history, best written by someone else. We received something we didnít care if we had, and that was notoriety. God used it for His glory, and Iím satisfied with that.

Mike Messer (right) with the Wilson McKinley, 1972

The Wilson McKinley, 1978: Tom Slipp, Randy Wilcox, Jim Bartlett and Mike Messer

After the band ended its 10-year ministry, we all went our separate ways. I became involved in and helped start numerous home fellowships and several churches.

I will say right up front that I am a non-traditional, non-denominational free spirit who revels in anything the Holy Spirit is doing. I donít seek to please men, but the Father. Over the last 20 years I have had the privilege of ministering and teaching Christ to people from all walks of life, and I love that! I will always try to relate to people where they are at, and I have released a CD that I hope does that. Itís not all I have to say or share, but itís something I wanted to do. I have many more songs to put out there, and I hope with Godís help to get them heard. "He who has an ear, let him hear." Mike Messer, February, 2000

Mike Messer in his studio with the Martin D 41 and the G & L Comanche, June 2000

Grandson Daniel checks out some playback, June 2000

Mike ministering with their home Bible study group, June 2000

Comments from Timothy Smith, Tanignak Productions:

What Mike didnít tell you is that he has battled back from serious surgery that left him partially paralyzed for a time. The album he mentioned is his first venture back into music after that ordeal, and he has done a fantastic job of it. All the songs on the CD are original Messer compositions, and he recorded all the tracks at his home studio in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Throughout all his trials, Mike has kept a servant's heart, one that longs to see people come to know his Lord and walk closer to Him. The album is full of biblical references, yet in a format that makes it understandable to the seeker and never preachy. The music cuts across genres and generations, and shows the versatility and competence of a musician of over thirty years' experience.

The sound samples below include several excerpts from Mike's new album, as well as some of Mike's classic work with the Wilson McKinley. As an added bonus, Mike has graciously let us preview a few "cuts in progress" from his upcoming second release. Please check out the sound samples below, and click on the Order Page to get this terrific new album. And keep checking back, because more wonderful music from Mike is on the way. Mike Messer is one of the best songwriters weíve ever run into, a legendary guitarist, a very versatile vocalist and an amazing survivor all rolled into one. I am honored to present the music of Mike Messer, singer, songwriter and servant. Tanignak Productions is very pleased to offer Mikeís debut solo CD, "Good Olí Days" at only $11 plus shipping.

Mike Messer, 1999. Alternate album photo for "Good Ol' Days"

To check out some of the tracks from "The Good Ol' Days" CD, please click on the titles below.

Good Ol' Days

...Restless Hearts

...Candlelights and Roses

...Two Wrongs

To preview some rough-edit cuts from Mike's upcoming second solo CD, please click on the titles below.

Country Girl

Hold On

Real Love

Sinking Sand

Snake Oil

Wish I

Here are some Classic Jesus People Wilson McKinley cuts that feature Mike. Please click on the titles below.

Almighty God

Crown of Glory

God is Everwhere

I Need A Savior

My Life's Foundation

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

To place your order for "The Good Ol' Days" Please follow the link to the Tanignak order page. Thanks! NOTE: Currently out of stock. Please Check Back Soon! (5/21/05)

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