Mike Mooney web bio

Mike Mooney on Woody Island, Summer of 1998


Mike Mooney is a guitar player, junior-high math teacher, and father of

one (daughter Kendall). A Michigan native, I "transplanted" to Southern

California as a college grad in 1984. I spent most of my college years

playing guitar instead of doing homework, and it was this love of music

- a gift - that the Lord has used in my life to bring me closer to Him.

In fact, it is through music and through worship that I have been able

to express my faith, my thanks, and my love for Him. Through many

trials, pain, heartache and shame, I have not been shaken from the love

of God.

Friend Tim Smith has been a musical inspiration to me these past few

years, and our memorable experience at Camp Woody in the summer of 1998

on Woody Island in Kodiak, Alaska helped bring our gifts, talents, and

our friendship together. Working with Tim, writing songs, and

completing this album has been a dream come true, and an answer to a

prayer that the Lord would give me a voice, a song, and a life that

would glorify Him.

Note: Mike Mooney's two songs on the Stone Table String Band's new

album are "I'm Glad" and "To See Jesus". They are already among the best

received songs on the album. We hope to hear more from Mike Mooney in

the very near future. Keep checking tanignak.com for updates!