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Index of articles about Ouzinkie and beautiful Spruce Island, Alaska

By Timothy Smith, web author

The bay of Ouzinkie, Alaska from the copilot's seat of a Kodiak Airways Widgeon in the early 1960s.

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New! The Untold Story of Baker Cottage as an orphanage, the "Fourth Mission"

At the Orphanage: Miss Jean Othelia Lund, 1945-1946

New! The Evangel visits Ouzinkie in the 1950s

Ouzinkie, My Home (First Impressions from 1958 to 1964)

Tidal Wave Memories, 1964

Ouzinkie School Memories (1959 to 1967)

The "church hill" in Ouzinkie, taken in the early 1940s. (Courtesy the KBM collection)

New! A Rare Photo Gallery of Old Ouzinkie (1910s to the 1950s)

Folks at "the Mission" (Photos of Clubs, Kindergarten, Holiday Programs and Activities at Baker Cottage)

"Gorka!" Larry and Katie Ellanak at a wedding in 1968

1965 to 1974: Ouzinkie Rebuilt! (a photo gallery)

1960 to 1974: Ouzinkie Photo Album: Wonderful PEOPLE

1960 to 1974: Ouzinkie Photo Album: KIDS

1960 to 1974: Ouzinkie Photo Album: LIFE

Holiday Memories in Ouzinkie (article and pictures)

What Would I Do? (a children's story based on growing up in Ouzinkie, Alaska)

The Art of Island Conversation (featuring Jenny Chernikoff, the Opheims, and other island residents)

The Alaska Steamship SS Cordova , how to get to Ouzinkie in the 1940s

Beautiful Ouzinkie Index (This link takes you to a series of photo essays, 1996 to the Present)

The author, Timothy Smith, in the summer of 2004. Taken from the hill overlooking Ouzinkie harbor. Timothy Smith lived in Ouzinkie from 1958 to 1976, with frequent, enthusiastic recent revisits.

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Ouzinkie (center) and Kodiak Island (top) taken from an Alaska Airlines jet, April 2002