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Please call or write to: Mr. Timothy Smith 14282 Tuolumne Court, Fontana, CA 92336 (909) 428 3572 or Email to: Tanignak Productions

Statement of Purpose

         My name is Timothy Smith, and I have been singing for Jesus since I was one of the "Jesus People" back in 1971. Over the years, I have sung hundreds of songs, and heard hundreds more, that were just terrific, knock-your-socks-off wonderful, written and performed by friends for whom the idea of publishing, recording and distributing a record was only a distant dream. In fact, the more I reflect on the situation, the more I see that there is a vast undercurrent of vital Christian talent out there, whose idea of music may not fit the profile of the talent scouts of the huge record labels, yet whose audience just loves their music. Now if you are one of those people who has been asked for the Billionth time when you are going to release an album, and everybody keeps telling you that your songs are fantastic and really minister to them, I may have something for you. Read the following proposal carefully, and if it intrigues you, give me a call or send an email.

         First, the situation in the recording industry has drastically changed since the days when my friends and I began singing in the early 1970s. Several developments have leveled the playing:field between the big guys and the little guys.
I . Digital recording equipment has dipped into the range of affordability, and microphones and other equipment has never been more affordable.
2. Computer-based programs and CD-burners mean that it is possible to go from practice to product without ever meeting a record executive or worrying about what some high-priced producer wants you to do.
3. Affordable CD and cassette duplication companies are everywhere, producing thousands of high quality copies for a very small per-unit price. But even more importantly, those same CD burners that can master your product can also help duplicate it. This is a wonderful thing for people like us who have very small but appreciative markets!
4. New web-hosting packages and software means that you and I no longer need a store and a parking lot, but merely a good product, snappy web page, and placement on a few good search engines.
         Last, but not least, the market for quieter, simpler, less overblown productions (that have a little deeper message maybe?) has never been greater, especially if you factor in the world- wide presence on the internet and the reality that our market numbers will be realistically in the thousands rather than millions. Tanignak Productions released our first informal CD in 2000, the Stone Table String Band's "The Love and the Mercy". With it you have a chance to see what we're up to. You can also check out the Mike Messer and Brandons & Friends pages here at to see what we can do with already-released products. If you have a good album that is ready to release, or an already-released product that you are trying to move by yourself, then maybe we can help. We can at least give your CD some additional web exposure via this website and some sound samples.

          Tanignak Productions has an ironclad "whatever's fair to everybody" policy. When ministry and not money come first, things stay in balance. All products released through the website (that's us) retain the copyright and publication rights of the original owner (that's you) and you contract with us only for a percentage of sales and only for the actual number of items sold through us. This protects both of us. And if Big Deal Record Company contacts you after finding your album, then we'll say goodbye and we'll all be happy. Please contact us for specific terms and conditions.

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