About me: Timothy Smith, web author and musician

Young Timmy Smith aboard the mission boat Evangel, Kodiak Alaska, 1956

My name is Timothy Smith, and I am the son of American Baptist missionaries in Alaska. I grew up on an island near Kodiak in the Gulf of Alaska. For eleven years, I traveled with my family aboard the mission boat Evangel, which served as a circuit riding chapel for outlying villages and canneries. For another eleven years, I spent my summers at beautiful Camp Woody near Kodiak, helping as a counselor and song leader. As a high school believer, I was part of a small but very visible group of "Jesus People", conducting street meetings and holding sings and Bible studies at our local coffee house, the Open Door. When I left Alaska to study at Azusa Pacific University in California, I picked up Spanish from participating in their famous Mexicali crusades. I added banjo playing to my list of talents while in college.

Tim Smith leading singing at Camp Woody, Alaska, summer of 1972

In the summer of 1976, I got engaged to a former Camp Woody counselor named Debbie Sullens, and we got married beside Tanignak Lake (see logo) there at the camp the following summer. After trying hard to make ends meet in Kodiak, we moved to Southern California in August of 1978. I worked for twelve years in the electronics and communications industry before becoming a teacher in 1989. I have taught at Montclair High School near Pomona for eleven years. My experience working with international students at First Baptist Pomona has helped me with my job as an English teacher who regularly teaches new immigrants. As a believer, it has been my privilege to help sponsor the Cavaliers for Christ club at MHS, and this year was our best ever, meeting three times a week and making a positive impact on the school. Those young people really inspire me! Three recent graduates are on the mission field in various parts of the world. I'm proud to be part of the body of Christ at Montclair High!

Debbie and Tim Smith beside Tanignak Lake, August 1977

My wife Debbie and I have two children, Kirstin 26 and Nathan 22. Kirstin is a fine alto soloist and ensemble singer, and is featured on the Stone Table String Band's first release. She is now a pet nurse at a veterinary hospital in Orange County, California and lives with four splendid cats! Son Nate is in the honors English program at the University of Iowa, and is an accomplished instrumental guitarist, composer and bassist. Debbie teaches kindergarten at Golden Elementary, and has a fine voice of her own, which you can hear on our "Birthday Music" release. She and I, along with another Camp Woody alum, Bruce Adams, recorded informal tapes of music for friends all through the 1980s, and our Christmas release is still popular with dozens of old friends.

I have always been leading singing somewhere, but have always found our home recordings limiting and of inferior quality. But an association with the Southern California Walk to Emmaus allowed me to work with several excellent musicians, and that has energized me and inspired me. I am blessed to be associated with brothers of like mind, who love the Lord first and aren't sidetracked by the pressures of the music industry. We put together a wonderful album called "The Love and the Mercy", recording as the Stone Table String Band. We get our name from the C. S. Lewis Narnia stories. We are essentially a folk band, although at least one or two of the members never had tried that style before meeting me. Our blend of talents is really amazing (translation: they make me sound good, and I can fit in with them). Please see the Stone Table String Band page for sound samples and ordering information.

I also produced and engineered the Wilson McKinley reissue CD and that album is available from this site as well. Ken Korstjens, web master, designed this site, and I add things as I learn how to do it. I wrote the articles on various topics on this site. The Tanignak@aol.com e-mail address reaches me. (Write to: Tanignak@aol.com) Drop me a line with your comments anytime.

In Him, Tim

Timothy Smith at the International Fellowship summer camp, Pomona, California, 1999