Short Sound Samples from Every Album (RealAudio Stereo, 20 kps)

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Track lists for Anthology One: Message Brought to Us (available now!) From "On Stage" (1970) 1. You Gotta Hear About My Friend 2. The Love of My Saviour From "Spirit of Elijah" (1971) 3. Tree of Life 4. Crown of Glory 5. His Eye is On the Sparrow 6. Come On Home 7. Spirit of Elijah From "Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast" (1972) 8. Standin' At the Crossroads 9. Never Cry No More 10. He Made Us Free 11. Then I Fell in Love 12. A Warm Summer Day 13. I Wish I Had the Words to Tell You 14. Almighty God From "Country in the Sky" (1973) 15. Saviour Changed My Life 16. I See With Different Eyes 17. I'm in Love With Someone 18. God is Everywhere 19. Simple Song 20. Country in the Sky Bonus Track (practice tape, 1973) 21. I'll Live Again



FROM LP "On Stage" (June, 1970): Digital transfer from vinyl.

Cover art from a later pressing of "On Stage", created by Dave Joern

You Gotta Hear about My Friend (Anthology 1)

I Know the Lord (Pending Release)

The Love of My Savior (Anthology 1)

Note: All sound samples from "Spirit of Elijah" and "Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast" are from two-channel Reel to Reel master tapes.

FROM LP "Spirit of Elijah" (August, 1971):

His Eye Is on the Sparrow (Anthology 1)

Crown of Glory (Anthology 1)

I Need a Saviour(Pending Release)

The Wilson McKinley on stage at the "I Am" coffee house, 1972

FROM LP "Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast" (February, 1972):

Standin' at the Crossroads (Anthology 1)

Then I Fell in Love (Anthology 1)

Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast (Pending Release)

A Warm Summer Day (Anthology 1)

PART TWO: THE TAPES (1973-1976)

NOTE: All sound samples are from four-channel Reel to Reel master tapes.

FROM CASSETTE "Country In The Sky" (1973):

I See With Different Eyes (Anthology 1)

God Is Everywhere (Anthology 1)

Angel's Song (Pending Release)

Country in the Sky (Anthology 1)

Band photo from 1974, taken at "The Ranch"

(courtesy Jim Bartlett)

FROM CASSETTE "Yesterday/Forever" (Instrumental, not scheduled for release):

Jesus Jesus (not scheduled for release)

Come By Here (not scheduled for release)

Two Unreleased Recordings from 1976:

You Don't Knock (Pending Release)

Good News (Pending Release)

Tim Smith (Owner of Tanignak Productions) and a TEAC: "Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast" digital transfer (16 bit 44.1khz)

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