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Introducing Rolled Away the Stone! (Live! 1970 – 1979)

In June of 1970, three members of the Wilson McKinley, a popular Pacific Northwest “hippie rocker” band, became followers of Christ. They were joined by a believing fourth member and shortly thereafter recorded the first “Jesus Rock” album by an existing group. Those who were there over the next ten years of ministry know that the Wilson McKinley was always at their best “live” in front of an audience to relate to.

Therefore, Tanignak Productions presents a double-CD album, Rolled Away the Stone! The first CD is all stereo live recordings from 1970 to 1972, including a 45-minute set from the “I Am” coffeehouse in downtown Spokane, WA – plus tracks from Gonzaga University, Coeur d’Alene, and the Silver Valley (Kellogg, Idaho). Many wonderful songs are making their first debut, and the “stage presence” and musicianship is top-notch!

The second CD of mono recordings includes restored tracks from the On Stage LP, plus songs from appearances in Calgary, Alberta and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Finally, there’s 38-minutes of their last recorded concert in May of 1979. It includes many fantastic performances and original songs available nowhere else. Although of generally poor recording quality, the tracks were engineered for the best possible sound. And like disc one, it contains some of their best, including many songs available nowhere else! Disc two spans their entire decade-long ministry as Jesus Rockers!

Below: the CD cover and track list for ROLLED AWAY THE STONE!

Rolled Away the Stone is available NOW!

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Message Brought to Us (1999) was the first CD release from original master tapes, with the band’s blessing. Includes personal favorites of the band, and six (of eight) tracks from the ultra-rare Country in the Sky cassette, but dubbed from the original four-channel master reels! With one previously unreleased practice song. Members of the band shared track comments and stories for the enclosed booklet. All but the bonus track are original songs. A great value!

Now I’m a Jesus Freak (2009) is a double-CD set with all of Spirit of Elijah  and Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast, the remaining two Country in the Sky tracks, and one track from Yesterday / Forever. And that’s only disc one! Disc two is chock full of unreleased tracks: live songs from the “I Am,” seventeen unreleased songs from 1970 – 76, and five recordings from 2000 - 08: two by Randy Wilcox and three by Mike Messer! An instant collection!

Your Eyes are Not Deceiving You!  Vinyl collectors rejoice! These are shrink-wrapped, digitally-mastered LP copies of Spirit of Elijah and Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast, from Obscure Oxide and Lion Productions. Original artwork is extremely close to the originals, but inside are versions that have never been released before. The records were pressed from my digital transfers of the original master tapes, with no editing or processing on any track. I provided the scans of Mike Messer’s mint LP’s, and I even wrote the liner notes (Christian witness included!) – but the band actually received royalties for them, and we spent no money out of pocket for a project we could never have afforded to take on ourselves. It’s a testament to the Wilson McKinley’s impact  across the years!

I have a limited supply of these LP’s, and I am selling them only as a set of two. Should you wish a single title, please contact Jade Hubertz of Obscure Oxide at and arrange to purchase a single title.

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“Thanks, Tim! You did a superb job on these recordings. It’s as close to hearing the band in person as you could get. This is the crowning achievement of everything released thus far.”

– Mike Messer, Jan. 14, 2022