Beautiful Tanignak Lake, Woody Island, Alaska

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Welcome to the new, restored!

Since 1999, has been the web home of the Wilson McKinley Jesus Rock band, and web articles and photo essays by Timothy Smith. Here you’ll find articles on Kodiak Island, Alaska history, including the stories of Camp Woody’s first 50 years, the voyages of the Mission Boat Evangel, tales of the Alaskan village of Ouzinkie from the 1950’s through the mid-1970’s, and much more. This is an old school website, with design features from the 1990s.  I decided to keep the “look” when I upgraded the site, even with the new sections. Navigate as directed.

What’s New?

Alaska History And Assorted Topics: online since 1999! The reboot of the site in 2019 preserves almost all of the original content in the Online Articles Index.  See that index for the wide range of topics about the Kodiak  Island area that I’ve posted over the years. I preserved all the old filenames, for those who have archived the links. Some of the oldest files were created on Word 2, with the HTML added manually! So some of the changes should improve navigation.

The Launch of

In preparation for this reboot, I bought the domain name, and it is hosted here. The site contains articles on belief and behavior for those who are new to faith in Jesus, or are simply curious about what followers of Jesus Christ actually believe. It is not an “argument” site, but is written to be a simple and straightforward explanation of faith and practice. The site includes a free downloadable study of Luke’s Gospel that would be suitable for small group use.

The Launch of My New Novel, Morning for Sokroshera  

After I retired in 2018, I finally got to finish my novel, begun in 2012. It’s a fictionalized account of growing up in a small village in the Kodiak area, and it has back stories to the 1830’s, the World War II years, and the early 1950’s. The timeframe is the school year that included the 1964 Earthquake and Tidal Wave. The village, the island it is on, and the main characters are fictional, but I included real people and real history, interwoven with my made-up yarn. For reviews, sample sections, and a .PDF download click: Morning for Sokroshera

The Music Releases from “Tanignak Productions” (E-Commerce)

Please check out the music products, including the sound sample pages for the 1970s Rock of the  Wilson McKinley, and my own original recordings (I’m the folkie-acoustical type). The Wilson McKinley info page features their two beautiful LP reissues, which the band and I helped to produce. Here’s the link: CD Music Page. “Tanignak Productions” is my  web “stage name.”

In addition (just for fun), check out my “Tanignak Shellac” page featuring my 50+ year collection of  shellac 78 rpm discs. There are digitally restored tracks using Acoustica software, and tracks recorded directly off a 1926 Columbia Viva-Tonal Grafonola, the largest, best sounding non-electric (wind up) phonograph ever made.

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I am the owner, creator, and webmaster of the web site, and am responsible for its content.  is © 2023 Timothy L. Smith. Click here for my updated “About Me” page.  Additions, corrections, comments and suggestions are welcome. Email is the best way to contact me. My email is  –Timothy Smith, April 2023

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