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By Timothy Smith, Begun in 2020

TruthTexts Index

Articles on Belief, Behavior, and Bible Study

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Belief: (More articles and studies are on the way!)

The TruthTexts that Explain What Followers of Jesus Believe, and Why

Behavior: (More articles and studies are on the way!)

Instructions For Thinking, Acting, and Speaking, from God’s TruthTexts

“Did God Really Say…” – A Three-Part Bible Study

“Did God Really Say? Part One” – Who is the authority in our lives? Is the Bible really God’s Word? Can God’s Word be trusted?

“Did God Really Say? Part Two” – How does human morality stack up to God’s Word? What does God think of common human misbehavior? Is there an answer to our tendency to screw up things?

“But Thanks Be to God!”  – Did God Really Say…? Part Three (Conclusion) How Jesus gives us continual victory over old attitudes and actions.

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The Basic Four Articles, A Great Place to Start!

“The Very Beginning” – Start Here. Believe that He exists and seeks us

“The Bedrock of Belief” explores what the Fear of the Lord really means

“Lifted Up and Weighed Down” - the meaning and importance of the Cross

“God Has Given Proof” – Jesus is alive, and that makes all the difference!