Tanignak Lake, on Woody Island near Kodiak, Alaska, serves as the backdrop for the Online Articles logo. The original photo (with a float plane taking off from the lake) by Travis North, 1970.

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Kodiak Transportation:

The Lockheed Constellation (Pacific          Northern Airlines)

The Grumman Goose and Widgeon (Kodiak Airways and Harvey Flying           Service)

The Alaska Steamship Company, and          much more!

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Mission Boat Evangel:

A tour around Kodiak Island (including every village and almost every cannery) on the Mission Boat EVANGEL in the 1950’s and 60’s, Chronicling the Ministry of Rev. Norman and Joyce Smith, through their photos and the memories of their son (Timothy Smith, this author)

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Ouzinkie, Alaska, 1940’s -1970’s:

Articles and Photos of Ouzinkie, Alaska, From the 1940’s through the mid-1970’s, including the Tidal Wave and recovery, and the untold story of the fourth Mission (Baker Cottage) from orphanage to the home of Norman and Joyce Smith

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Camp Woody on Woody Island (Plus Long Island, Alaska)

The story of Christian Youth Camping in the Kodiak Island area from its early years at Ft. Abercrombie, to three years on Long Island, Alaska, to its Fiftieth Anniversary  at Camp Woody

Plus three photo essays of the amazing abandoned World War II Fort Tidball coastal battery on Long Island, Alaska!

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Some Stand-Alone Kodiak-Area Articles

(among the first to be posted in 1999, and now revised for this new edition of Tanignak.com)

Cannery Work (in Kodiak in the 1970’s)

The very first article I wrote, circa 1985, which I posted when I started the  site in 1999. Very few articles have generated as much response as this one; I must have touched a common memory! This edition now features links to old boat and cannery photo galleries.

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The Art of Island Conversation

My take on how some of the “Old Timers” around Kodiak Island talked and told stories. The main subject is a lady who was like an adopted grandma to me when I lived in Ouzinkie. I used many of those memories to create some of my characters in Morning for Sokroshera, my novel available at this site. (Some of her relatives told me I pretty much nailed her way of teasing/talking).

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NOTE: I have NO current information on cannery jobs in the Kodiak area!

The Legacy of the “Jesus People” (then and now)

My thoughts on the lasting impact of the “Jesus Movement” of the 1970’s (some of us were in Kodiak!) This article includes a little of my own spiritual journey, and includes an entire supplement of sound samples (with Ruben Hillborn songs and the ministry of J. C. & Company rock group out of Anchorage) and Camp Woody songs, too.

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Articles on Vietnamese-Americans

For over 40 years, I lived in Southern California, and for 29 of those years, I taught English to many young Vietnamese refugees. The articles listed below reflect my experiences with and observations about a resourceful and resilient immigrant community (proud new Americans). One article, “The Old Fishing Boat,” is the story of an adult former refugee who served with me as an adult aide for ten years.

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The Old Fishing Boat    (Lora Pham’s Dangerous             Journey of Escape)

Tet Lesson 1995   (A New Perspective on the war in             Viet Nam)

Tet 2008,  A Colorful Celebration in Westminster,             California, in “Little Saigon”

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As mentioned in the article above, the Wilson McKinley were pioneering “Jesus People” musicians, who have been called the first Christian Rock Band. I’m pleased to have released all of their official reissues on re-mastered and remixed CD’s. Click the Band’s Logo Below For Their Testimony, Lots of Sound Samples, and Links to Their Albums.

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