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With the links below you can take a virtual journey on the Evangel as it travels around Kodiak Island, Alaska in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I recommend that you start your journey with the preface and follow the links at the bottom to the next stop on the journey. But you can go directly to any part of the voyage by returning to this index and clicking on the links that interest you. I would appreciate any comments you may have. My e-mail is Tanignak@aol.com. Enjoy your travels! --Timothy Smith, March 2020.

Left: The author on the Evangel in the Kodiak channel, 1956. Right: Rev. Norman Smith at the helm of the Evangel, 1953. Over his head are the rolled navigation charts.

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Evangel Island Journey: Preface by Evan Jones I

Evangel Island Journey: Author’s Introduction

The Evangel Heads Out To Sea

The Evangel visits Old Harbor

The Evangel at Kaguyak and Shearwater

The Evangel at Akhiok and Alitak

The Evangel at Karluk: A Photo Gallery

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Right: The logo used for links back to this page shows the Evangel at the dock of the Ouzinkie Packing Company cannery, with salmon seines drying on the railings in this late 50’s photo. Ouzinkie was the Evangel’s home port from 1958 to 1964.

NOTE: As of 2020, All articles have new HTML-correct file names and links, and most have updated photos. Access the articles through this index if you wish to archive or link to them.

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The Evangel is coming to town!  Left: The Evangel pulls into Ouzinkie, summer of 1955. Right: Children meet the Evangel at Lazy Bay cannery, Alitak, in the spring of 1957.

Left: Joyce Smith relaxing in “Birthday Cove,” summer of 1956. Right: Norm Smith and the Evangel at the Woody Island dock, summer of 1964. (Yule Chaffin photo)

Left: Evangel woodblock and signature from a letter in the mid-1950’s. Right: Joyce and Norman Smith, life and ministry partners, taking the Evangel on another journey.

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Evangel Island Journey: Winter in Larsen Bay

Evangel Island Journey: Family and Larsen Bay  Gallery

The Evangel  at Larsen Bay, 1964 (the last voyage) and 1998

The Evangel at Harvester, Uganik, and Village Islands

The Evangel at  Wakefields, Afognak, and Port Williams

The Evangel visits Ouzinkie in the 1950’s

The OUZINKIE INDEX PAGE Articles about life in the village of  Ouzinkie from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s

Evangel Island Journey: Camp Woody Early History

Evangel Island Journey: A Week at  Camp Woody in the 60’s

Evangel Island Journey: Long Island (Fort Tidball)

Evangel Island Journey: Return to Kodiak, July 1959

Mentions and photos of the SES Chinook (1965-1970) and the return of the Evangel (1973 -1977) are included in these articles:

Camp 70’s Year By Year: 1970 to 1974 and 1975 to 1977

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