Follow the links in the photos on the right below to articles about Kodiak transportation through the years, from the Alaska Steamships through Kodiak Airways to present-day ferry and airplane journeys.  All articles have an abundance of photos and have been checked by pilots and passengers, to give you as authentic an experience of transportation to, around, and out of Kodiak Island that I can provide.  Please share with me your own stories, and especially point out any corrections or clarifications.

This new index page features five recent articles (and three updated articles) with scores of classic and recent photos about the adventure of getting to, and getting around, Kodiak Island.  

Timothy Smith,, July, 2014.  


This postcard from around 1940, colorized by the author, shows the view of Kodiak that early steamship passengers would have seen when they first arrived.  This is now the site of the ferry dock. Note the green roof of the Baranof Museum (then the Erskine House) in the upper right of the photo.

How to Get to Kodiak by Sea:

Then and Now

How to Get to Kodiak by Air:

Aviation Then and Now

A (True) Cautionary Tale:

How NOT to Visit Port Lions




How to Get to Kodiak:

The Grand Old Steamships (A Short History of the Alaska Steamship Company in the 1940’s Using Old Letters and Scrapbooks)

How to Get to Ouzinkie:

The M/V Cordova in 1945 (A Continuation of “The Grand Old Steamships”, Using Old Letters and Scrapbooks)

How to Get to Kodiak:

The Military Transports (A Short History of Kodiak and its Military Transports such as the USNS Funston)

How to Get to Kodiak:

The Ferry M/V Tustumena (A Photo Essay of Several Journeys on the Alaska Marine Highway System Via the Tustumena, Featuring a Little Tour of Homer)

How to Get to Kodiak:

The Ferry M/V Kennicott (A Photo Essay of a Voyage from the Unusual Town of Whittier to Kodiak in the Summer of 2007)

How to Get to Kodiak:

REVISED! Pacific Northern Airlines and The Lockheed Constellation (Stories of PNA and the “Connie” through the Experiences of Passengers, Workers, and Pilots)

How to Get to Kodiak:

REVISED! Goose Stories (Tales of Early and Recent Travels on the Grumman Goose, contributed by Pilots and Passengers) Dedicated to the Memory of Bob Hall, Founder of Kodiak Airways

How to Get to Kodiak: REVISED! More Amphibian Adventures! (Stories of Many Kodiak Amphibians through the Years, from Pilots and Passengers) Bob Hall, Bob Leonard, Vern Geriene, and others contributed Stories and Photos

How to Get to Kodiak:  Runways to Remember (Two-Part Article: Stories and Photos of the Kodiak Airport and the Kodiak Airstrip, contributed by Pilots, Passengers, and Workers) Featuring Photos by Dirk Sundbaum

How to Get to Kodiak:

From Shore to Sky (Stories of Amphibians and Float Planes, From Lily Lake, the Kodiak Channel, and the New Seaplane Base on Near Island) Featuring Photos by Dirk Sundbaum

How to Get to Kodiak:

The Grumman Goose and Widgeon: Still Flying! (Recent Adventures from All Over, Featuring Two Veteran Kodiak Grumman Pilots)  With Stories and Photos from Pilots Steve Harvey and Fred Ball

How Not to Visit Port Lions: a True, Cautionary Tale (The Author Shares a Misadventure From the Spring of 1971)


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