Morning for Sokroshera Chapter Zero

By Timothy Smith, 2020

Morning for Sokroshera Chapter 0

Tim’s novel of Russian America (Kodiak Island area)

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From the Preface (The Author Explains the Novel and How It Was Written)

It’s a coming-of-age story, a fish-out-of-water story, a story of disaster and recovery. An older man fulfills a long-standing promise, a grieving and troubled adult finds a new purpose in life, and several foolish people get what’s coming to them. Along the way, a very old mystery resurfaces, setting in motion a grand struggle between life and death, love and hate, faith and unbelief in a small Alaskan fishing village in the 1960’s.

From the Prologue (Where the Novel Begins) - The thoughts of the rebel leader:

Now as he waited on the beach, Evgeni Teplov swore under his breath—he’d seen firsthand the effect this Father Veniaminov had on people on his last visit to Sitka. A distant and distracted Russian government he could tolerate. But Teplov had no illusions about what would happen if someone like Ioann Veniaminov were put in charge, if there were a concerted Orthodox expansion of the Church’s work among the Russian colonists and the Natives. Any such thing would surely wreck havoc among his own carefully recruited crew of irreligious Russians and mixed-bloods. And if the Natives fully realized his hatred for their beloved Church—if the Church ever sided with them—no, this he could not permit to happen. Even a bold visionary like Teplov could not compete with the hold that certain churchmen had on the weak minded and superstitious. And this Father Zachar seemed cut from that very cloth, sent to Teplov’s island to start a church, or some such nonsense.

Chapter “Zero”

The Preface

and Prologue

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