Morning for Sokroshera Chapter Two

By Timothy Smith, 2020

Morning for Sokroshera Chapter 2

Tim’s novel of Russian America (Kodiak Island area)

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Monday, August 19, 1963: Sokroshera Cove (Jay-Jay, as he has been nicknamed, and Sandy Ann get themselves into trouble in the old cannery)

With their backs to the rough, weather-beaten clapboard, they were just a step away from the edge and the waters of the cove below. The view faced out toward the mouth of the cove to the left. To the right they could look across the planks towards the rockpile that had necessitated the odd angle of the dock, its warning pilings rising slightly askew above the large black stones covered with white bird droppings and gray lichen. From this vantage point by the oil shed, you could watch boats come and go with no one to bother you unless they just happened to pass close to the shed on their way to the face of the dock. From Sandy Ann’s silence, Judson guessed that this was one of her special spots, and he waited for her to tell him about it if she chose to.  

Sandy Ann waxed philosophical: “I come here when my Mom or Jake start to get on my nerves,” she said. “I call this ‘The Place’ because I’m the only one who seems to come here, and I sometimes really need to. One time Fat Lip caught me here and said he’d get me in trouble, but I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong, so I keep coming back. He said I could fall in or some baloney.” Sandy Ann’s voice took on the cross, sassy tone of someone who would have no trouble giving her teacher fits. Judson half expected her to stomp her foot or put her hands on her hips. “I been comin’ out on this dock since I could even walk! He’s so mean sometimes. What does old Fat Lip know?” “Not enough, apparently,” said Mr. Faltrip from behind them, dryly. “Come with me, both of you.”



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