Morning for Sokroshera Chapter Five

By Timothy Smith, 2020

Morning for Sokroshera Chapter 5

Tim’s novel of Russian America (Kodiak Island area)

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Tuesday Evening, August 27, 1963. Pacific Endeavor Seafoods mess hall. The town learns of a new venture that will open the cannery, and Jay-Jay learns more than he wanted to about some of his village neighbors

Jake the younger finally had his fill of the cookies and bread. He stood up and declared, “I’m going to the swings before it gets too dark. Who’s going?” Judson indicated that he was going to stick around awhile, but waved as the kids left for the stand of spruce trees on a small hill that served as the kids’ own homemade amusement park. The kids left him behind without protest; they probably thought his dad wanted him for something. But he was on his own mission; Judson needed some answers. He went and sat with the Lindseths and Mrs. Rezoff and his dad. His tablemates gone as well, Truck Brother Jake also sat down at the long table. Mr. Faltrip had apparently gone off on his nightly rounds. At the first lull in the conversation, Judson said, “I saw Mr. Selivanoff and that Marty fellow and Mrs. Bazaroff leave pretty early, and they didn’t look all that happy.” He let the statement suggest the questions. Mr. Lindseth reached across the table and mussed Judson’s hair, in what must be a common local sign of affection. “You are like a hawk, Jay-Jay! I’ve never seen you miss a detail once you’ve been told what to look for!” That wasn’t an answer, of course, and Judson looked at the other faces, hoping for some clarification.  

Jakob Pedersen broke the silence. “I can help you with Anya. The only Mrs. Bazaroff around here is Carla, Windy’s wife, who lives up the creek from Petey and Dottie. I wish Anya was more like her brother. Anya... she’s not a Mrs. and never has been.” Judson’s puzzled face finally registered the meaning. Jakob continued, “Ah-Hookh, all different fathers—much as it’s anybody’s business. Her youngest is just a bit shy of a year old now.” “Hey, that’s a little too much for the boy to handle,” said Mr. Lindseth, but his wife just said, “Howie, this guy gets people better than anyone else his age I’ve ever seen, and he doesn’t hold it against them.” “No he sure doesn’t,” added Laura Rezoff, and smiled at him.

Their attention was getting a bit uncomfortable, but didn’t overpower his curiosity. “Uh, but how does she live? I mean... four kids... must be hard.” Judson’s question was obvious, and the answer was more puzzling to him than ever. Mrs. Rezoff, who could be counted on to see the best in anyone, was almost harsh now. “She lives with her great aunt Anicia, who can barely walk anymore. If you drop by the house, you see in two seconds that the only work being done is by her aunt. Anya does as little as possible for those poor kids. Oh, just so you’re not confused, Anicia Novikoff is also Will’s grandmother.”



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